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Up in the Weeds
Up in the Weeds
schleppstigg // slæpˌstɪk : A Romance. A light and humorous drama with a happy ending. A device for amplifying or transmitting sound. A flexible pair of paddles bound together at one end, to strike a blow to a person with a loud clapping sound but without injury. Off We go and leave the cannibals all empty. The skies are lowering into the sea. Gently pushed by stones we wonder/wander on. Somewhere behind a rainbow, apartment houses quietly suspire their 'Berlin'. The cheeky spirit is pinching the nose with zest. Watch them trip and do the Mashed Morale. We dance with them, but not for long. Spirits are holding the upper hand again. Still we miss a beat with a heart still strong. Noisy colors all blending in one blue. i sit with you where the city's down low. We know no wrong in the sound of a song. Down tumble waters rise behind our backs. The pointy poet's head's hat breaks In two unlike the jester's scepter Who's mad with magic's saving factor. We wander on, stroll to and fro Things weigh us out, no con, no pro; Unlike the jester's saving factor we stick around too long a-go. Down tumble waters rise behind our backs. The meek musician's head's hat breaks In two unlike the jester's scepter whose magic's not an urban factor. Strike up the band, play on and on For sweet sage music always wins Just like the jester's magic scepter beats up and down, forgives all sins. This is when you come stepping in. A row of tender houses smash your knees. The skies are lowering some more. Existence's twitching here and there. Rain reflects Berlin's icy glow: A frisking spirit on the tip of your nose. We dance with him for quite some time. No stopping a hand that holds up in a work. No missing a beat for a heart goes on. Flamboyant whispers strike a chord back home. You come to me, I'm not alone, in the sound of a song we know no wrong.
format: 12"
releasedate: 2011-11-21
mailorder: kompakt
mp3: beatport, itunes, juno, kompakt, zero\\\",
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